Out and About

When “out and about” helping companies to build business with Asia, it is clear to Fastrak Asian Solutions that the landscape is changing – and changing rapidly!  A few years ago the focus was on “getting prepared” and whilst that is still the case for many businesses, now, in many cases, the focus is more about “managing the business”. That is because the Asian business is here – and it’s different – and it’s having an impact!

In the past, the predominant focus has been on mainland China, but Chinese visitors come from across Asia – including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and even from within Australia!  In fact the best business opportunities are often in other markets.  China is the most complex and challenging market, whilst others have a strong history of proven, more developed, and more easily managed business.

There is also the rise of India and Indonesia, along with the new Free Trade Agreements with South Korea and Japan to be considered.

It is little wonder then that the requests for help that we are getting relate to:

    • Understanding the country and the culture
    • Understanding the basic business requirements
    • Understanding the basic customer requirements
    • Understanding how to adjust and tailor product and sales offerings
    • Understanding how to best service Chinese customer needs


Over the last 12 months Fastrak Asian Solutions has been busy with:


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