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Australian businesses make three key mistakes when engaging in China – firstly, that they don’t come to China often enough; secondly, restricting themselves to Beijing and Shanghai; and finally, not properly grasping the significance of relationship building in China.

Geoff Raby, former Australian Ambassador to China


When the world talks about the economic growth of Asia they generally refer to its increasing affluence, rapidly expanding consumer markets and business potential. However, while many foreign companies are actively entering the region, the truth is that for large and small enterprises trying to win the business – there are many more failures than successes.

The other truth is that there is generally a very poor understanding of the many markets of Asia “today”. Too often senior management and owners are relying on past experience or out of date advice and information.

To understand Asia “today” we need to deal with the dynamics of a region that is constantly re-inventing itself.  Market intelligence of two years ago is already out of date.  Keeping pace with the changing business environment is what Fastrak Asian Solutions does best.

Our difference is that we are “hands-on” and practical and believe that personal involvement and understanding at senior levels is a critical element to success.

Our services include practical training seminars; tailored strategies for business development, product delivery adjustment and marketing in Asia; introduction to influential business contacts both in Australia and in-market; as well as high-level market visits.

Our expertise and contacts cover nine markets in North and South Asia including: Greater China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

Given the pace of change across Asia and the emerging competition, foreign companies need solutions that fast track their entry and increase their commercial effectiveness in these markets.  Establishing strong, personal business relationships and developing detailed market understanding at senior management levels are critical elements for success.

Our Managing Director

Our Managing Director


Fastrak Asian Solutions Managing Director, Richard Beere, has extensive high-level contacts across the region and a reputation for helping businesses to win in Asia. Richard established the company after an extensive career leading Australian tourism expansion into Asia.  The innovative approaches he developed for the tourism industry have proven to be equally valid for other sectors including professional services and education.

Richard Beere has spent nearly half of his more than 30 years professional experience working and living in Asia in senior management positions, with responsibilities covering the broader Asian region from Japan to India. This has included 3 years living in Japan, 2 terms in Singapore of 4 and 7 years, and another 4 years working in Hong Kong.

A confessed “Asiaphile” with a passion for building bridges between peoples, cultures and markets, Richard is also a senior manager with a proven track record of delivering above target business results, revenue growth, and successful market development strategies.

Richard was part of the team that succeeded in making Australia the first western destination to gain Approved Destination Status in China, and was instrumental in the development of Tourism Australia’s original China Development Plan.

He is a “facilitator” by nature and is motivated by thinking outside the box. His business experience provides him with a powerful and unique set of skills, experience, and attributes including international business, multi-market cultural understanding, Government and commercial arenas, strategy, management, marketing, and communications.

In 2011 he received the Outstanding Individual Contribution to the Industry Award from the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) in recognition of his efforts, especially in regard to Asia.

He is currently Managing Director of Fastrak Asian Solutions, a company he established in 2011 to “help companies build business with Asia” and whose client list includes National, State, and Regional tourist bodies; national tourism operators; and SMEs.

Our Services


Fastrak Asian Solutions offers three key programs each geared towards helping companies develop strategies to assist different stages of business development in Asia.   Each program can be customised to suit the specific interests of participants whether it is a focus on an individual country or market segment, or an overview of latest trends across the region.  They can be undertaken as stand-alone modules or combined to deliver complete entry, establishment and expansion solutions for your business.

All programs are managed and led by Fastrak Asian Solutions Managing Director, Richard Beere.


Fastrak ABOUT Asia

Individually tailored, practical training seminars and workshops delivering a fast strategic introduction to Asia (or a targeted market within Asia, including Japan) and offering in-depth insights about sales and service within the region. Can be presented in-house for teams of various experience levels within a single organisation, or in a public forum for management from multiple organisations. The seminars and workshops can be combined to offer part or full day sessions.

Fastrak BUILDING Asia

Customised one-on-one assessments as well as strategic and tactical development plans aimed at assisting clients to develop strategies that will best achieve their business goals. These services offer turn-key market solutions, are available for all markets in Asia, including Japan and Australia, require buy-in from company leaders, and are delivered to pre-agreed timelines.


Fastrak INTO Asia

Market visits for business leaders, taken individually or as part of a delegation. These visits are available for all markets in Asia, including Japan, and offer in-depth debriefs of scheduled appointments, as well as experiential background and perspectives within specific target market/s.

Our Activities


The industry mix of clients seeking Fastrak Asian Solutions’ services continues to change year on year, as do the types of things they want Fastrak Asian Solutions to do for them.  Check out Speaker’s Corner to view details of the conferences and seminars at which Richard Beere has spoken, as well as public seminars and workshops run by Fastrak Asian Solutions on behalf of a number of different tourism and general business organisations.  Out and About provides insight into the changing focus of client businesses in regards to the Asian markets.


Our Champions


We can tell you about ourselves, but we would rather let our clients tell you how we helped them build business with Asia!

Client List

Our scope of works may be as small or as large as our client dictates – from simple management services to full deployment plans, whether for small owner operated businesses or large multinational organisations.


Client Testimonials

In line with our three core programs, our client testimonials relate to our seminars and workshops (Fastrak About Asia), our Asia knowledge (Fastrak Building Asia), and our in-market delegations (Fastrak Into Asia).



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