Our Services


Fastrak Asian Solutions offers three key programs each geared towards helping companies develop strategies to assist different stages of business development in Asia.   Each program can be customised to suit the specific interests of participants whether it is a focus on an individual country or market segment, or an overview of latest trends across the region.  They can be undertaken as stand-alone modules or combined to deliver complete entry, establishment and expansion solutions for your business.

All programs are managed and led by Fastrak Asian Solutions Managing Director, Richard Beere.


Fastrak ABOUT Asia

Individually tailored, practical training seminars and workshops delivering a fast strategic introduction to Asia (or a targeted market within Asia, including Japan) and offering in-depth insights about sales and service within the region. Can be presented in-house for teams of various experience levels within a single organisation, or in a public forum for management from multiple organisations. The seminars and workshops can be combined to offer part or full day sessions.

Fastrak BUILDING Asia

Customised one-on-one assessments as well as strategic and tactical development plans aimed at assisting clients to develop strategies that will best achieve their business goals. These services offer turn-key market solutions, are available for all markets in Asia, including Japan and Australia, require buy-in from company leaders, and are delivered to pre-agreed timelines.


Fastrak INTO Asia

Market visits for business leaders, taken individually or as part of a delegation. These visits are available for all markets in Asia, including Japan, and offer in-depth debriefs of scheduled appointments, as well as experiential background and perspectives within specific target market/s.