Fastrak INTO Asia


This program enables business leaders to quickly come to grips with target markets by getting on the ground and meeting with key market and sector leaders. Participation can be individual or as part of an executive delegation.

Discussions will cover:

    • Political, economic and cultural perspectives
    • Business sector challenges
    • Market issues, opportunities and trends


Each day includes a schedule of formal meetings and briefing sessions with market contacts, followed by a debrief/discussion to determine relevant outcomes from the day’s proceedings.

The end of the week sees a strategic debrief, which highlights the key insights learnt through the visit and the implications for business growth.  The aim is for business leaders to return to their home-base with a clear view of the market and the necessary insight to confidently direct future business planning.

Read what clients say about Fastrak Into Asia

Aim: new perspectives and opportunities for his business after being engaged in the China market for over ten years.

Last year I was very fortunate to attend a high level CEO delegation to China which was organised through Richard Beere in his senior role at Tourism Australia.

I was very impressed with the excellent organisational arrangements which Richard delivered.  We met the right people in the right places and Richard has an outstanding network of connections, matched by a keen understanding of the correct way to do business in China.

I would have no hesitation recommending his consultancy services for any business that is serious about building its business links, not only in China but also in the exciting growth economies right throughout Asia.

Jeremy Johnson, CEO of Sovereign Hill

Aim: a first hand perspective to help make better decisions about existing market programs.

The CEO Delegation to China with Richard was a time efficient and effective way of obtaining comprehensive insights into the dynamics of the market, an understanding of the latest consumer trends, and opportunities for future development.

The one week program developed by Richard, and his daily debriefs and expertise while on the mission, really helped me better understand the market and its significant growth potential for our business.

I would recommend this for senior management and CEOs serious about China.

Lyndel Gray, former CEO of Destination NSW

Aim: to know how to enter and succeed in China.

I was fortunate to join an Australian Tourism CEO Delegation to China in early 2009 which was organised and led by Richard Beere. Although I was aware of the Chinese market, I was amazed at the opportunities that we were able to see first-hand by being connected to the key decision makers and operators in China. This would not have been possible without the astute knowledge and business connections Richard has in the Asian market. Richard is a very respected business representative particularly in China and was able to open many doors for us.

As a company we have now invested in the market in China and are already seeing excellent sales. This would not have been possible if we had tried to do this on our own. The Chinese market is built on relationships and respect and Richard has these qualities which we were able to capitalise on.

Jeff Ellison the Managing Director of Sealink

Aim: a fast overview on China and to know what was needed today.

The broad range of topics covered during the CEO Delegation to China led by Richard Beere really provided a full perspective of China today. Although all the participants were from the travel sector, over 70% of the content related to the current overall market environment, dynamics, and trends which are shaping the business opportunities of the future. The travel sector content was highly relevant and interactive.

Being able to achieve this perspective with only a week out of the office was critical and was greatly assisted by  the strong program, excellent calibre of meeting participants ,and through Richard’s insightful commentary, daily group debriefs, and individual one-on-one debriefs. It was evident that Richard has a great amount of expertise on China, an excellent contact base, and is culturally very attuned to the market.

Any CEO who is active in the China market would benefit from participating.

Greg Hywood former CEO of Tourism Victoria and now CEO of Fairfax Ltd